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Contracts For Differences Trading

FC PRIME offers a greate trade experience in CFDs trading like  European, American and Asian Indexes CFDs , Commodities CFDS, Indices CFDs, and Precious Metals CFDs.

FC PRIME also offers exclusive diversification for Contract For Differences portfolios for traders who trade CFDs "Contract for differences" as a substitute for Futures. FC PRIME offers advanced tools for European, American and Asian Indexes, Commodities, Indices, and Precious Metals on a CFD basis.

With CFDs , you can reduce the cost of trading equities directly in the stock market or Physical Gold directly from the buyer. the reason behind that is the usage of the margin. Margin gives you an ability to trade without having to have the full value of the asset. As a result, this gives you a better purchasing power to invest in other securities or asset classes.

Advantages of CFD trading at FC PRIME MARKETS

  • Direct Pricing from USA, Europe and Asian Financial Markets
  • No commissions or mark up
  • 24/5 trading hours, from 5 PM – 5 PM (European EST)
  • 24/5 technical support
  • Fast Execution of Orders 

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