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Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) Trading

Foreign Exchange Market (Forex or FX) is the largest and the most liquid market in the world. With a daily turnover of more than US$5.3 trillion traded daily worldwide. Our FX electronic trading platforms execute USD 5 billion worth of financial transactions every day. In 2012, the yearly turnover of capital exceeded USD 712 billion.

FC PRIME MARKETS provides a great range of Forex electronic trading platforms designed to include every model of advanced electronic trading in the market. Our FX products meet all client's needs. whether you are doing hedging or speculating.

Advantages of Forex Trading

Trade with the best who access this continuously, volatile and dynamic market

Profit from both falling and appreciating movements

Leverage trading – potential to magnify profits with smaller initial deposits

Range of currency pairs and markets available

Continuous 24/5 operating market with high liquidity

Commission free with very low dealing costs

Make the most of the advantages offered by FC PRIME Markets:

  • Excellent profit opportunities 
  • Leverage effect of 1:200 
  • No intervention from agents (execution of orders through STP) 
  • Possibility of protecting earnings and losses 
  • Low spreads, for example 2 Pip EUR/USD 
  • No costs or commission 

Our Currency Pairs
FC PRIME offers some of the most competitive pricing available on the most frequently traded - and therefore the most liquid - currencies in the world. The spreads on these currency pairs are usually tighter than those less frequently traded pairs. There are 40 currency pairs you can trade with us including all of the majors.

For further information on trading with FC PRIME Markets AU PTY LTD, please contact us at: info@fcprimeau.com.

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