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The growth of new markets such as Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) has played a significant part in shaping today’s FX ecosystem.

FC PRIME provides NDF’s on MT4 platform reflecting the shift in global trade patterns and the influence of emerging market currencies.

With this market showing strong growth, FC PRIME continues to evolve and enhance its NDF offering, ensuring that it leads the way in execution and delivery of NDF products.

It is undeniable to believe that emerging market currencies have became an important investment channels due to its economic growth and development. As a results, those currencies will have a good future and will be traded more and more globally and this will generate a new trading opportunity for forex traders. and this is what is happening with the Indian Ruppee.

FC PRIME  is proud to offer NDFs from all the emerging markets around the world. The FC PRIME NDF trading platform, FC PRIME-Standard, offers: Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupee, Malaysian Ringgit and Colombian Peso.

Which Platform do I trade NDF's on?
NDF Trading is available to trade on our own fully integrated Trading Platform – FC PRIME Standard Trader which also has a number of other advantages.

FC PRIME Standard Trader has many other advantages:

  • NDF's Streaming Prices in some pairs (USD/INR) 
  • NDF RFQ Available in other paid 
  • No Commission Charges when trading NDF's (or any other product on FC PRIME Standard Trader) except bid/offer spread you 
  • Streaming Bullion – Gold and Silver 
  • Streaming FX Options (17 Currency Pairs) 
  • Spot FX – 45 Pair 
  • RFQ Options for non-standard date 
  • Full Market Depth / Immense Liquidity 
  • Advanced Charting 
  • API Trading 
  • VPS 
  • Single Integrated Trading GUI 

The minimum trade size if 10,000 notional value and the maximum 5,000,000 notional value. The NDF market is an over the counter (OTC) market and trades using the following standard terms / conventions.

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