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Options Trading & Derivatives Trading

What is options trading & derivatives trading?
Options are derivatives contracts that are derived from an underlying asset  which enables investors to use more advanced trading strategies or to hedge the risk of underlying assets.

Options & derivatives trading can guarantee you a cost efficiency as long as the leverage power. it also help you to manage the risk of the assets you are aware of their risks like forex, Metals, Commodities etc.

FC PRIME MARKETS is a pioneer in Online Trading of Forex Options. Clients can invest directly in Options for different expiry dates, or may hedge their FX spot trading deals. We offer clients deep liquidity with very low spread margins and an advanced user interface. We offer Options on Silver, Gold and 11 currency pairs.

FC PRIME Options offering
FC PRIME offers Options on Silver, Gold and Forex (11 currency pairs).

Options Trading is available to trade on our own fully integrated Trading Platform – FC PRIME STANDARD.

FC PRIME STANDARD Platform offers tradable premiums for typical Vanilla Options with pre-determined expiry dates, and Requests for Quotation with valid value dates.

Trading Hours
Trading hours start on Sunday evening at 11pm (GMT), and close on Friday evening at 11pm, nonstop, except for formal holidays and when the local markets are closed.

Leverage and Minimum Deposit:

  • Minimum deposit is $500
  • Minimum Leverage is 1:100 for Forex and 1:20 for Spot Precious Metals 
  • Commissions Payable by Clients 
  • No commissions on trades 
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